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Fair show, imm Cologne Spring Edition 2023

RELEASE TIME:2023-07-24CILCK:2579

Fair show, imm Cologne Spring Edition 2023

The past 3 years have led to overall societal changes within the furniture industry, which are reflected in changes in the consumer behavior. The entire furnishings market is undergoing multidimensional change and must find its own individual path for the “new normal”.

How do we meet the changing needs of our customers? How do we deal with the changing order cycles, the changing business models of circular economy and the increasing online trade? To answer these and many other questions, we need a central place where we can talk and discuss solutions together. This is precisely the role that the imm cologne 2023 envisions for itself as a business trade fair.

With cheerful courage and modest expectations, we came to Cologne for the imm Spring Edition 2023 4-7th, June.

Our top seller metal bunk bed ES-DB023, new design Metal + Wood bed frame, and Folding bed were displayed on the show. During the 4 days fair, we have met some new faces and also talked with previous customer about new products, market situation and further purchase plan on the booth.

Looking forward to get back again for imm cologne 2024.

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